Taejae Future Education Forum: AI and Education 2023

Reinventing Education in the age of AI

AI시대 교육의 재창조

태재미래교육포럼 : 인공지능과 교육 2023

Monday, Oct 16 | 13:30 - 18:30
Tuesday, Oct 17 | 9:30 - 17:00
Grand Ballroom, Baekyang-nuri, Yonsei University


Eric Horvitz

Chief Scientist at Microsoft

Ju-Ho Lee

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education in South Korea

Daphne Koller

CEO and Founder Insitro, Co-founder Coursera, Engageli, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Oren Etzioni

Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Founding CEO of The Allen Institute for AI

Stephen M. Kosslyn

Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, Founder and CEO of Active Learning Sciences, Inc.

Kyoung Jun Lee

AI & Business Professor of Kyung Hee University, Director of Research Institute of User-Centric AI (UCAI) Forum

Yong-Hak Kim

Emeritus Professor and 18th President of Yonsei University

Jaeho Yeom

President, Taejae University

Sung-Hwan Kim

President of Taejae Future Consensus Institute (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of The Republic of Korea)

Cristina Conati

Professor of Computer Science, University of British Columbia

John Katzman

Founder and CEO of Noodle, Co-founder of 2U, Founder of Princeton Review

Seungil Kim

Founder & CEO of MODULABS

Norman Atkins

Managing Partner, Array Education

Jiyoung Kwahk

Dean of The School of Data Science and AI, Taejae University, UX and Service Design Specialist

Sangkyun Kim

Cognitive Scientist, Professor in The Graduate School of Business, Kyung Hee University

Aaron Rasmussen

Co-founder of Masterclass, Founder & CEO of Outlier.org

Joshua Wohle

CEO and Co-founder of Mindstone

Alice Oh

Professor in Computer Science at KAIST

Tak Yeon Lee

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design Department, KAIST

Suin Kim

Co-founder and Chief Research and Product Officer (CRPO) of Elice

Soyeon Ahn

Associate Professor in The School of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, KAIST