Aaron Rasmussen

Co-founder of Masterclass, Founder & CEO of Outlier.org

Aaron Rasmussen is an entrepreneur, inventor, and game designer. He's best known as a founder of educational platforms MasterClass and Outlier.org, the latter known for creating impactful for-credit online college courses with the aim of promoting affordable, equitable education. Students at Outlier receive transcripted transferable credits from the University of Pittsburgh. Outlier recently launched associate degrees with Golden Gate University that cost less than the average Pell Grant award enabling students to receive an education at zero cost to them. At MasterClass, Rasmussen was both Creative Director and CTO, creating courses taught by notable experts. The video game he co-wrote, BlindSide, has won multiple awards and is being adapted into a film.


How to Educate a Planet in Flux

Aaron Rasmussen addresses the extraordinary opportunity of AI and distributed learning to democratize high-quality education globally, and the significant challenge of redefining what education should be in a rapidly changing world. Proposing a pragmatic pathway, Rasmussen suggests not only what knowledge should be prioritized, but also offers a timeline for its acquisition, carving a sensible road map for education’s evolution in a world of perpetual flux.


Prompt Engineering for Education

In this workshop Aaron Rasmussen will review prompt writing, LLM limitations, and best practices for curriculum and activity creation, student assessment, and tutor personality creation. The workshop will be interactive with breakout sessions. Please sign up for a free ChatGPT account and bring your own laptop to follow along.