Jiyoung Kwahk

Dean of The School of Data Science and AI, Taejae University, UX and Service Design Specialist

Dr. Jiyoung Kwahk, an accomplished UX and service design specialist with over 20 years of experience, leads design and development teams across multiple application domains. As a Human-Computer Interaction expert, she focuses on capturing user needs to create research and business opportunities in complex human-machine systems such as smart cities, homes, and cars. Currently serving as the Dean of the School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at TAEJAE University, Dr. Kwahk is a trusted collaborator who seeks to achieve the vision and goals for our desirable future society


AI-powered TAEJAE Life: Optimizing Human-AI Collaboration Through Organization-wide Service Design

Dr. Kwahk will introduce a fun new experiment at innovative Taejae University, founded in 2023, that uses artificial intelligence for organizational operations and cross-functional collaboration.