Joshua Wohle

CEO and Co-founder of Mindstone

Joshua is CEO @ Mindstone, building the platform that turns daily learning, into quantifiable skills employers recognise. LP & VP with Emerge Education and angel investor in 40+ startups. Previously, he was Co-Founder & Chief Product / Technology Officer at SuperAwesome, one of the biggest kids technology company in the world, acquired by Epic Games in the summer of 2020.


The Future of Skills and Competency Evidencing

The future of skills in a world full of AI. - What can we learn from how software engineering has evolved, that applies to other professions today? - What skills will be/stay relevant? - How AI can help build those skills at the same time - What you can do today, to put yourself in the best position possible


Suspending Disbelief: Pushing Existing AI to Its Useful Limits for Education

A session to break through the noise, suspend disbelief and spend some time pushing the boundaries of what we think AI might or might not be able to achieve in an educational setting. Expect to walk away with practical examples of what can be done to improve learning in and outside of the classroom using AI, breaking through some of its preconceived limitations.