Seungil Kim

Founder & CEO of MODULABS

Seungil Kim founded 모두의연구소(MODULABS), an open, community-based laboratory where anyone can create and join. The MODULABS has facilitated over 400 research groups related to cutting-edge technology like AI. Their findings have been published in renowned academic journals and conferences, such as Nature, NeurIPS and CVPR. Furthermore, in 2020, Kim established AIFFEL, an innovative AI school, to address the issue of unequal educational opportunities. It is designed especially for areas outside major cities where it is challenging to find high-quality instructors compared to metropolitan regions. AIFFEL has adopted a teacher-less approach with a lot of project-based learning contents and a discussion-oriented class culture. AIFFEL provides a 6-month free AI educational program. Despite its duration, it boasts a completion rate over 85%(whereas similar educational program typically have around a 50% completion rate.)


Community-based Open Research and Decentralization of Knowledge

We are living in an age of knowledge sharing. With the advancement of technology, people can produce information without having a huge capital, and share their knowledge on platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, Arxiv, and Github. And the shared knowledge, in turn, spurs the advancement of technology. Now, it is more beneficial to have influence by sharing knowledge than obtaining benefits by owning knowledge. The field of AI technology is a representative example of this trend of the times. Open knowledge provides opportunities for anyone to research and leads them into the world of open research culture. In this presentation, we will introduce a community-based open research lab and talk about its potential.